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Guide to BME: Health Care Systems/Medical Informatics

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The Health Care Systems/Medical Informatics track adds in course work from Industrial and Systems Engineering. For a BME, this is most relevant in two ways:

  • Applying systems engineering to health care
  • Ergonomics/Human Factors aspects of medical devices

This track is pretty common for BMEs who plan on going to medical school, but can also be helpful for those wanting to go into industry.

Tech electives (credits):

Courses listed in the undergrad brochure, as well as any ISyE course will count towards your track specific requirements. Below are some commonly taken track courses with a brief description.

ISYE 349: Introduction-Human Factors (3) - This is an introductory human factors course. Human factors, somewhat synonomous with ergonomics, is applied the knowledge of the capabilites of humans to designs to make the human-device interaction as smooth as possible. It focuses more on the information side of things, rather than the mechanics. This course also includes a 50 minute weekly lab. A lot of other ISyE course require this as a prerequisite.

ISYE 313: Engineering Economic Analysis (3) - This course covers economics in an engineering specific manner. It covers varies financial decisions that an engineering company would face, things like determining if a business is profitable, which machinery to choose, loans and investments, etc. A lot of what is learned can be applied to personal finance as well.

ISYE 559: Patient Safety&Error Reduction (2) - This course is a series of 2 hour lectures given once a week by different speakers. Topics vary from improving health care safety, failure/fault analysis, medical health records, etc. Some topics are more relevant to BMEs than others, but each one was pretty interesting.

BME 564: Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics (3) - This course is only taught in the Spring and also counts as the Advanced BME Tech Elective. However, it cannot count towards both the track requirement and advanced requirement only one or the other. This course covers the basics of ergonomics from a mechanical side of things as opposed to ISyE 349.

BME 662: Design and Human Disability and Aging (3) - This course covers designing for those with physical limitations such as the disabled, or elderly. There is a group competition to design such a project. There is one 2.5 hour session per week. It is typically only offered in the spring and fills up quickly.

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