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Welcome to the website for the Biomedical Engineering Society at the University of Wisconsin - Madison!

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General Meeting
      October 14, 2015 6:00PM

Qdoba Fundraiser
      October 20, 2015 5:00PM

General Meeting - ABS
      October 28, 2015 6:00PM


Web Hosting

Student organizations that have sensitive information on their servers might want to think about the security of their data. Some organizations even elect to use HIPAA compliant hosting in order to stay extra secure. With all of the online security threats these days, you can never be too careful.


Biomedical engineers have gone onto prominent careers in the medical industry as world renowned LASIK doctors and even closer to home, as leading LASIK Milwaukee eye care professionals. Follow Biomedical engineers on Twitter who are now leading Lasik doctors to learn how they are making a difference in the world, one eye at a time.

LASIK Surgery

The biomedical technology surrounding LASIK eye surgery was introduced in 1973 enabling eye doctors to reshape corneal tissue with thermal damage in the form of the excimer laser. By 1998 the excimer laser was widely used for the LASIK surgery ablations a LASIK Houston specialists at Mann Eye Institute use the excimer laser today with great expertise. Mann Eye Institute has LASIK locations in Houston and Austin Texas.

Encoder Products for Motion Feedback Control

University of Wisconsin - Madison engineering students are studying motion feedback control systems in an absolute encoder or rotary encoder used in such industries as oil and gas, and aerospace. These unique devices are engineered with top quality materials and provide students with a great learning opportunity. Just one more reason why the University of Wisconsin - Madison is a great choice for students eager to learn!